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If you’ve met even just one Ukrainian lady in your lifetime or heard about them from the media, then we don’t need to try too hard to convince you that a Ukrainian woman can make you a truly happy man. The only question is where to look for your Ukrainian girlfriend, but with the development of modern technology, that’s not really a question either. So stop hesitating, pick one of the Ukrainian dating sites we review on our website, and get one step closer to your happiest relationship ever!
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Ukrainian Women: Why Should You Choose One Of Them As Your Partner?

Ukrainian is a huge and distant country that is constantly surrounded by myths, news, rumors, and assumptions. Most of us have never been to Ukraine and don’t know any Ukrainians, but it’s perfectly natural to be mesmerized by this unique country. Today, instead of talking about the politics or economy of Ukraine, we want to introduce you to the one aspect of the country that definitely deserves your attention. Ukraine women are an increasingly popular choice for dating among American guys, and here is everything you need to know about them.

What Do Ukrainian Women Look Like?

The beauty of Ukrainian girls is one of their most frequently mentioned features, and although that is certainly not the only reason to fall in love with a woman from Ukrainian, her beauty is a big deciding factor for many men. And it’s safe to say that Ukrainian beauty is obvious and unlike anything else in the world.
First and foremost, we want to say that Ukrainian women can be very diverse in their appearance. For historical reasons, there are dozens of ethnicities and cultures mixed in a typical Ukrainian girl. However, there are also several signature features that you will find in most Ukrainian women you meet. Here are a few facts about the typical Ukrainian beauty:
    • The facial features and natural coloring of Ukrainian women are very mild. They have light skin, light brown or blonde hair, and green or blue eyes, although there are certainly some exceptions. Their medium-sized lips and cute cheeks create a very balanced look.
    • Ukrainian women are no strangers to makeup. It’s a famous feature of Ukrainian girls that they will never leave home barefaced, but it’s also worth noting that they never go overboard. Their makeup is tasteful and masterfully highlights their best features.
    • The bodies of women in Ukraine are splendid. These are not the tallest or skinniest women you will ever meet, but they don’t need those qualities to look amazing. Ukrainian women have feminine bodies that look fantastic in any clothes.
    • There is a lot that can be said about the fashion sense of Ukrainian ladies. It’s a unique combination of demure, traditional ways of dressing in Ukraine and world-famous trends that get an upgrade thanks to the Ukrainian approach to fashion.

What Makes Ukrainian Women Perfect For Dating?

With all the hassle it takes to find a Ukrainian girlfriend you cannot help but wonder: is there anything besides their looks that makes them so popular among foreign men? In the public opinion, their popularity is a combination of three factors:
They are intelligent
One of the best things about Ukraine is its strong education system. All Ukrainian women receive secondary education, and the majority of them then graduate from universities with at least one degree. Thanks to their outstanding education, they can successfully support a conversation on any topic and make you never want that conversation to stop.
They are family-oriented
Perhaps, the quality that draws American men to Ukrainian women the most is their desire to build a happy, tight-knit family. This is a stark contrast to the views of Western women, who are more concerned with their career than anything else. Luckily, that is not a problem with Ukrainian ladies, who see family as their biggest asset and number one priority in life.
They are supportive and loyal
We are not saying that Ukrainian women are prepared to play the second fiddle in a relationship with an American man, but these ladies definitely understand that a good relationship is built on loyalty and compromises. A Ukrainian girlfriend will never argue with you about petty subjects and will always find ways to accommodate your needs.

Popular Myths About Ukrainian Women

Ukrainian women are now some of the most popular international dating partners, but this sort of popularity comes at a price. Women of Ukraine have dealt with stereotypes and unfair characterizations for a long time, and here are the three widespread myths about Ukrainian women that are not at all true.
They are cold and reserved
Ukrainian girls can definitely seem shy and reserved when you first meet them, but it’s nothing more than a language and cultural barrier that is very easy to overcome. Plus, many Ukrainian ladies have had negative romantic experiences in the past that left them wary about new relationships. However, with a bit of patience and a respectful, romantic treatment, you will easily convince your Ukrainian lady that you are worth opening up to.
They never want to work
Women in Ukraine are not as career-oriented as the women in the Western world and they can easily imagine being a stay-at-home wife and mother with the right man. However, it doesn’t mean that these women are determined to never work a single day in their lives. If you cannot afford to support the whole family on your own, or if your Ukrainian partner has career ambitions, she will have no problem with combining work and family like the world’s most talented multitasker.

Dating A Ukrainian Woman: 5 Must-Know Tips

When you are trying to build a perfect relationship with a woman, things can get difficult even when you are both from the same country. When you are planning to date a Ukrainian girl, you can face even more challenges since there are many differences in your dating culture. Here are the 5 tips that will help you enjoy a perfect romance with a Ukrainian girlfriend.
    • Always make the move first. Ukrainian women have gotten very progressive in the past decade, but they are still adorably old-fashioned in some regards. Namely, they still expect the man to reach out first, although Ukrainian girls can give out some non-verbal signals of their interest.
    • Don’t be stingy with dates and gifts. Your Ukrainian girlfriend will use your behavior on dates as a way to see what you will be like in a more serious relationship. Trying to save money by going on cheap dates and showing up empty-handed will do you no favors.
    • Be the epitome of respect when meeting her parents. Sooner or later, you will be invited to your Ukrainian woman’s family home, where you will meet her parents and often other relatives. Be casual and fun, but respectful and serious at the same time.
    • Show her something she’s never seen before. Ukrainian girls are particularly impartial to men who put a lot of time and effort into the dating period. Instead of just visiting another restaurant or coffee shop, take your girlfriend on a surprise weekend getaway or invite her to see her favorite music artist performing live.
    • Make the proposal extra romantic. After all the romance of your dates, a Ukrainian woman will look forward to even more romance when it’s finally time to pop the question. It has to be a gorgeous ring, and even more gorgeous setting, and bonus points if you can get her friends and family there as well.

Where Can You Find A Ukrainian Girlfriend?

If you are so impressed by the features of Ukrainian women that your first thought is to book a ticket to Ukraine to search for your soulmate there, you may want to rethink your decision. Ukraine is an amazing country to visit as a tourist, but you probably won’t have much luck with relationships. With the exceptions of a few major cities like Kiev and Kharkiv , Ukrainian women may not be particularly fluent in English or willing to date a foreigner, which can make your experience challenging.
There is a much better chance of meeting someone special by using the internet. The good news is that you don’t need to search high and low on Facebook or Instagram, hoping that one of the Ukrainian beauties will respond to your message. By signing up to one of the popular Ukrainian dating sites, you will get access to the most eligible Ukrainian women for dating. Not only are they gorgeous and smart, but they are also interested in dating a foreign man and possibly even move abroad with him.

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