Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy was last updated on February 04, 2021.

This Privacy Policy, which is applicable for all visitors on our site, explains how we handle the data of our customers and what choices you as a customer have in regards to your personal information.

1. Application

We value your right to privacy and designed this Privacy Policy to demonstrate our relationship with the personal data of our customers. In this Privacy Policy, we detail the ways we collect, use, and store your private information, as well as your choices regarding the handling of this data. We advise our customers to carefully review the Privacy Policy prior to using the site.

2. What information do we collect?

We collect user data in two ways: the information you willingly share with us, for example, by filling out a form on the website or sending us an email, and the information we obtain from your visit to the site for example, your location. These are the types of data we most commonly collect from our visitors:

  • Browser and device information. Depending on your previously set permissions, we may collect data about the types of devices you use to access the site and their specifics. This may include device type, browser type, geolocation, IP address, model of the device, and operating system. We can also know which site you viewed immediately before visiting our site and which website you will go to next.
  • Navigation information. We record and analyze your patterns when using our website for example, which actions you perform on the site and the duration of each action.
  • Advertising. Our third-party advertising partners may collect your non-personal data about your use of our site and other sites to deliver advertisements targeted at your interests.
  • Cookies. You can use your browser settings to control our access to cookies and similar technologies on your computer.

We do not willingly collect the data of visitors under 13 years old and we never market our materials to individuals under 13 years old. If you are younger than 13 years old, we request that you don’t share any of your private information with us.

3. How do we use the collected data?

The data we collect from our users can be used by us and our service providers for the following purposes:

  • To give you a personalized website experience, including through personal advertisements.
  • To inform you of the latest news, products, and other updates you might be interested in. At any point, you can request us to stop sending you promotional or commercial emails or messages.
  • To make the site better for you and other users through collecting and analyzing the data about you using the site.
  • To gather the necessary information to give you high-quality customer support.
  • To contact you about the use of the site through email and other channels, including push messages. We will inform you of any important updates about the site through service messages that you cannot opt out of, as well as about your statistics regarding using the site. You can opt out of statistical messages at any time.
  • To detect, prevent, and investigate fraud, as well as to investigate and resolve any disputes that may arise from you continuing to use the site.

4. EEA conditions

If you reside in the European Economic Area, special conditions of data collection and usage may apply. In most circumstances, we will only collect your personal data when we have your consent to do so, when we need your personal information to perform the services you agreed to via a contract, or when we require your data to fulfil the interests of a third party.

5. Advertising

On our website, we regularly display content from third parties. We do not have any control over this content; however, we do know which ads you are shown and how you interact with them. For example, if you click on one ad, we will try and make sure that you are not displayed the same ad in the future.

Additionally, we advertise our services on third party sites and may use the data collected from you on our site to personalize your ad experience on third party websites. In most cases, we work with independent advertising networks such as Google AdWords and Google Analytics. To find out more about each of these companies? ways to handle your personal data, please refer to their respective Privacy Policies.

6. Advertising options

As a customer of our site, you have the following options regarding collecting and using your personal information:

  • You can refuse to receive personalized ads based on your private data created by third party advertisers who are members of the Network Advertising Initiative or who observe the Digital Advertising Alliance’s Self-Regulatory Principles through their respective websites.
  • You can opt out from receiving personalized third party ads by contacting our service and stating your intention.

7. Retention period

In most cases, we shall retain your data for as long as necessary to fulfil the obligations we have with you or with third parties and various purposes for storing the data, including the prevention of fraud and processing and refunding of the transactions. We may also retain the information for a longer period of time if it is required by law.

8. With whom is your data shared?

We value your privacy, which is why your personal information will be shared with third parties only in three cases: when we are legally bound to do so, when we have your consent to us sharing your data, and when we need to share your information to fulfil the contract we have with you.

Your data may be shared with providers who are obligated to perform any services for us. These services include hosting and maintenance of the site, development and storage of the materials, marketing and sales, contests, surveys, and other activities. Whenever we share your personal information with these services, they will comply with our Privacy Policy and any other applicable policies. Other situations where we may share your private data with third parties include:

  • When we have your consent for sharing the information.
  • When our business is going through a major transformation: bankruptcy, sale, merger, consolidation, etc.
  • When fraud or other illegal activity is suspected and your personal data is needed to investigate or prevent fraudulent activity.
  • When we are requested to do so by law enforcement.
  • When there is a court order, a subpoena, or another legal request to supply your private information, or when we need to exercise our legal rights.

9. International transfers of data

We run a global business and while your data may be collected in the country you are currently residing in, we may transfer it to other countries that do not have the same private data policies where you originally shared your information. We may collect data in the European Union and the European Economic Area, but we reserve the right to process and store it outside of these two jurisdictions.

To deliver the highest quality of service on this site, we may need to transfer your personal information to Ukraine and the United States. These countries do not normally comply with the EU data protection law, which means your personal information will not be protected by the same laws as it is in your country of residence. Typically, we use Standard Contractual Clauses approved by the European Commission to handle data transfers from the EU to the rest of the world. Find out more about the Standard Contractual Clauses for a better understanding of how we transfer your personal information from the EU.

10. Third party services

This Privacy Policy is active on this site, but there are many instances where you may click a link on our website, for example, through advertisement, and find yourself on another site that does not operate under the same Privacy Policy as we do. In that case, we do not assume the responsibility for how these sites collect, manage, and store customer personal data. Please refer to the respective Privacy Policies of these sites to find out how your private information will be handled.

11. How your private data is protected

We employ a range of security mechanisms and other solutions to prevent your personal data from being accessed by unauthorized parties. We encrypt any data we obtain from you through Secure Socket Layer or similar tools. However, you need to exercise your share of precautions and never share your login data for our site with any third parties.

12. Privacy policy modifications

We reserve the right to introduce changes to this Privacy Policy at any time we deem necessary. We will notify our visitors through the site or other contact channels. Upon receiving the message about the changes in our Privacy Policy, you need to review them immediately and make sure you agree with them. In case you don’t agree with the changes or the Privacy Policy in general, we recommend closing your profile and withholding from using the site. By continuing to use the website, you acknowledge your agreement with the Policy and its changes.

13. Privacy rights

At any point in time and without any payment, you can request your personal data to be erased from the side, withheld from being processed, corrected in case of any errors, or transferred to another location. You can place the request by sending us a letter to and putting Privacy Rights in the subject of the email. In the email, please specify what types of data you want us to remove or modify. Additional identification of the customer may be needed for us to comply with your request, and we will also modify or remove the data associated with the email address you used to send us the request. We will do everything we can to comply with your request as soon as possible.

14. Contact us

In case you have any questions or concerns regarding our handling of your personal information, you are welcome to contact us by sending us an email to or using the contact form on our site.

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