About Us

About Us

Online dating has been around for more than two decades and continues to attract more and more people every year. The idea of meeting your ideal match with just a few clicks is understandably attractive. The number of dating sites continues to grow, and not just dating sites designed for searching local partners, but also dating services for international romance.

If you are interested in meeting women from other parts of the world, such as Asia, Latin America, or Europe, you have dozens of websites to choose from. They are trying very hard to attract new members, but not all of them are worthy of the time and money you intend to spend on your search. If you’re a complete online dating newbie, navigating the tricky world of international online dating can be challenging. That is exactly why you are so lucky to have come across DatingOverviews!

Who are we?

DatingOverviews is a small but powerful team of online dating aficionados. Our team consists of researchers, writers, designers, marketers, and customer support members. We wouldn’t say that we are the professionals of the online dating world. Rather, we have been using online dating as individuals for years before we realized that it can be very difficult for inexperienced users to achieve their goals. This is how DatingOverviews was born.

For several years since our site was launched, we have constantly worked on researching and testing the world of international online dating. Our goal is to help our readers separate the good dating sites from the ones that cannot be trusted. By becoming our regular reader, you will get access to a valuable database of knowledge that can help you meet your romantic goals.

How can we help you achieve success on dating sites?

If you are new to our site, you are probably wondering: how can DatingOverviews help you become an online dating pro in no time? On our site, you can find two kinds of important online dating insights:

  • Honest reviews of dating sites. With so many dating sites to choose from, it can be difficult to make the right choice. Our ratings and reviews are here to help you. The dating site reviews on DatingOverviews are written from the point of view of an ordinary user, so you can always know what to expect from a certain site and whether its strong strong points outweigh its drawbacks.
  • Detailed guides to foreign women. If you are only attracted to the appearance of foreign girls but don’t know much about their personalities, you should definitely check out our guides. For example, what do Russian women want to see in men, how do Latin American women view family life, and how to date Asian women like a pro? Find the answers to those questions and more in our guides!

How we review dating sites

After spending years researching and testing international dating sites, we have designed an effective procedure of telling whether the site is good or needs to be avoided. Our procedure consists of several important factors, and here are 6 points you will find in every single one of our reviews:

  • Registration and search. Signing up for a dating site should be free, open to everyone, and easy. Having to spend more than 10 minutes creating your profile is definitely off-putting. We also pay special attention to how detailed and efficient the search system is. If you want to get specific about the kind of woman you want to meet, you need to be able to describe her using the smallest possible detail.
  • Design and mobile app. In 2021, an international dating site has no excuse for looking like it came straight from the early 2000s. Many reputable dating services are working for over a decade, but they should regularly upgrade their design to make it more modern and suited to the needs of their members. The availability of a mobile app, or at least a fully functional mobile version, is also very important for a positive assessment.
  • Quality and number of profiles. No matter how well-designed and modern a dating site looks, we will never be able to take it seriously if it doesn’t have an impressive number of real women using the site every day. The female members on the site need to be genuine and responsive. We also pay attention to how well the profiles are filled out and whether they contain enough photos for you to get a first impression.
  • Communication features. After all, you join international dating sites to communicate with foreign women, which is why there should be plenty of contact options that will fit every dating style. You should be able to use chat and mail at the very least. A gift and flower delivery option can also be a great way to get yourself noticed. We also like when a dating site allows you to set up a date right there and then.
  • Costs. It’s probably not going to surprise you that most popular dating sites are not free, but the amount you pay matters a lot. In most cases, you will pay either for a site membership or for the individual features you are using, but when you are asked to pay for both, you should consider other, more affordable options. It’s also important for the prices to be clearly explained and not hidden.
  • Safety and customer support. When using a dating site, you need to know that there is someone who can answer your questions and address your concerns when you run into some issues. Live customer support, which is available round the clock, is a big advantage of a dating service. Additionally, the site needs to have some guides or FAQ manuals to help you be more confident while using it.

About our reviews

At DatingOverview, we pride ourselves over the fact that our reviews are completely impartial and objective. However, you should know that from time to time, we receive monetary compensation from dating sites. We mostly receive it when our readers follow the links to dating sites, sign up for different services, or make purchases on those sites.

The compensation may influence the order in which we display the sites on our website. However, it will never influence the content of the reviews or our opinions about various dating sites. Our reviews have always been and remain honest and based on our own experiences, not the fact that we may receive compensation from our partners.

These materials are sponsored | Advertising Disclosure

DatingOverviews is a site where you can find detailed reviews of popular dating services. The content on our site is available completely for free to our readers and will always remain free. However, in order to keep our site running, we may receive monetary compensation from our partners from time to time. Our partners are mostly dating services who reward us for helping them grow their member base.

However, you should know that the fact that we are sometimes compensated by dating sites never influences the content of our reviews. All our reviews are written by our authors impartially and using a standard approach to reviewing dating sites. It may, however, influence the order in which we display the dating services on our website, as well as the rating given to each service.

The main objective of DatingOverviews is to make online dating safe, effective, and fun for our readers. To achieve this goal, we may sometimes use exaggerations and other figures of speech that make our writing more engaging. When choosing a dating site to join, you should always use your own expertise in addition to our recommendations. Please refer to our Terms of Use for more information.